Wordpress Security Videos - Learn how to secure your Worpdress Site.

Has your Wordpress site been Hacked?

Dear Fellow Worpdress Site Owner,

Worpdress Website Hacking is at an all time high!!

There are over 60 million Wordpress websites on the Internet including sites owned by some of the bigest, well known companies like The New York Times, Ford, CNN, Nasa, Pepsi, Nikon and Dow Jones.

As Worpdress increases in popularity as a content management system for small business owners, it's popularity is making it a more common target for hacking, especially when site owners who manage their own sites do not have the time of technical knowledge to manage Wordpress security.

Wordpress Security Videos to the Rescue

In 5 Minutes or Less

You can spend 5 minutes NOW watching our security videos and securing your Worpdress site or waste many hours later trying to clean up your hacked site and repair your reputation in Google - The choice is yours.

Our Video Titles:

  1. More Secure Manual Wordpress Installation
  2. More Secure 1-Click Install
  3. 3. Secure FTP
  4. Secure WP-Config.php file
  5. Secure Admin Username
  6. Secure Webhosting
  7. More Secure Passwords
  8. Secure Database Prefix
  9. Secure Cleanup (include code)
  10. Secure BWS Plugin
  11. Prevent Brute Force Attacks
  12. Manual Backup and Restore

Latest Videos to be released 5 April 2013

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